Modular Kitchens

We have been making modular kitchens since 1999 and have fitted hundreds of households with world class modular kitchens.

Fully Modular. Highly Customizable.

We make modular kitchens in various finishes like laminate, high gloss, veneer, textured veneer, polyurethane (PU) and solid wood. You can select the material, color, finish and layout exactly the way you want it. Moreover you can select from a wide range of accessories to suit your usage. In other words, our kitchens are customized to fit your requirements perfectly.

Easy to Maintain. Inexpensive to Refresh.

Adona kitchens are fully modular which makes them easy to install and painless to maintain. After a few years if you get bored and want to refurbish your kitchen, it can be done easily and inexpensively for a completely new look! The efficiency and usability of your kitchen is highly dependent on choosing the right layout for the space available. With Adona, you can choose from a wide variety of layouts with the help of our experienced designers.

The most common layouts are discussed below:


When your kitchen comprises of a single counter, it becomes important to ensure that all the necessary facilities are available while at the same time the cooking and washing areas have to be carefully segregated.


The L-Shaped design is one of the popular and versatile designs to separate dry and wet work areas, install appliances and also have the option of modern, space-efficient corner units & accessories.


The U-shaped layout works best with kitchens over 10′ wide and allows a lot of counter and storage space without restricting movement. It is also a great option for smaller kitchens as it offers a lot of scope to mix and match different cabinet heights and colors for a distinctively modern look.


Island layouts are a combination of L or U shaped design combined with an additional independent counter. The counter can house a built-in bookshelf below and double up as a breakfast counter or small dining table, resulting in a truly lavish and luxurious kitchen.

If you would like to get your dream kitchen built by the experts, get in touch and experience the magic!